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Roar, the Scarred Pirate - Great Grimoire

Roar, the Scarred Pirate - Great Grimoire 29.99 EUR

Echelle 32mm.

Le pirate mesure environ 5cm

Description de l'artiste : 

Roar of the Sea


Hard a-starboard! Batten down the hatches! No storm on earth will wreck us! Do what I say, and I will lead you to all the treasures in the world.

The seas are changing, I can feel it. Something is lurking there in the deep, far from human eyes. It wants to alter the world to its liking.

Fret not! The rougher the seas, the smoother we sail. We’ve survived the raging storms that would have sunk any other ship. The wrathful ocean has sent us torrents, billows, and whirlwinds, yet we haven’t found our grave in the angry deep. We have always found our way to the eye of the storm.



Design par Great Grimoire