Figurines imprimées en 3dMade in France

Great Grimoire

Anna crée des modèles pour le jeu de rôle, basé sur les contes et légendes slaves ainsi que d'autres univers atypiques.

Vous y trouverez des figurines dans des univers jamais explorés !

Skaven Trader

Small creator, with big tail 

Skaven Trader est un artiste qui se démarque par son style atypique, science fiction ou fantasy, sombre ou comique des figurines qui vous plairont à coup sûr.


Signum Workshop

Signum Workshop est une division de la société Signum Games spécialisée dans la création de miniatures fantastiques de haute qualité au format STL pour l'auto-impression.
Signum Games crée et lance des figurines en résine fantastique depuis plusieurs années, et nos figurines ont de nombreux admirateurs du monde entier.


Un superbe artiste qui utilise son temps libre pour nous proposer des sculptures qui nous rendrait un brin nostalgique...

Bio de l'artiste (en anglais) : Hi, I am Zel, spare time sculptor from the void. I create quirky models that can bring my memory back to the old good times of my childhood, when the world of miniatures was odd and scary enough to have my attention and stimulate my imagination. I mainly sculpt in zbrush but I was self trained in epoxy and polymer clays. I worked slowly some years in the field but I have found that sculpting for passion is so much rewarding: I can explore styles and techniques I really like and most of all I can get loose enough, I dont like overdetailed pieces and actually I like to see some irregularities in my models. This couldnt be the best practice to do commercial pieces but at the moment I am trying my best to recreate the feel of hand sculpted miniatures with digital clays and I will continue to do so. I hope I am going in the right direction!

Atlan Forge

Bio de l'artiste (en anglais) :  My name is Thomas and I loved thinking up new game related stuff ever since I was a kid. Grew up in Croatia, playing computer RPGs, tactical and strategy games. Usually playing with my brother, I used to modify those games for us, never being quite contented with the original “vanilla” version. Since I'm a great fan of ancient mythos, especially Nordic, Greek and Egyptian ones, I naturally incorporated elements from those stories into any game we played.  Recently went into modeling as folks liked the stuff I did and asked me to make a Patreon page. Planning to make my own games, lore and rules in the future.

ThatEvil One

Spécialisé dans le wargame futuriste, ses modèles permettront de diversifier les figurines de votre armée. 

Imperial Prapor

Crée des décors et des armes pour le wargame

Bio de l'artiste (en anglais) : 

I'm a beginner 3D designer. Several years ago I started playing warhammer, and this influenced the choice of the type of activity. I really like the scope for creativity given by the direction of wargames. Largely thanks to the lockdown, I began to improve my skills and lay out the first models, because I wanted to use this time to good use.

Orc King

Orc king crée des modèles pour le wargame Fantasy

Trawn Factory

Hi friends! I'm Sébastien. I'm a young beginner 3D designer, born and living in France.
I grew up collecting and painting warhammer 40k models, several years ago. There are about 20 years exactly to accumulate a lot, but then a lot of miniatures for games like Warhammer 40k , The Lord of the Rings, StarWars Armada, etc... enough to last a lifetime.
To day, i'm designing, printing and painting elements for customize miniatures or terrain, for pleasure in games with friends.
I realize some creations on demand, but only if the project interests me. It remains a passion.I want it to remain a passion and not a job.


"Hi! I'm Nathanael. Born, raised and residing in Sweden.

I grew up collecting and painting greenskins during the mid and late nineties. Both fantasy and grimdark future, though during the 2nd edition and gorkamorka-era the industry standard greenskins were a lot less grimdark and more of a comic relief.

I'm designing miniatures, printing and painting them. They're mostly nineties-inspired and somewhat cartoony-looking greenskins, but I'm holding on to a bunch of fantasy-RPG-miniatures waiting for the right time and context to be released.

I'm primarily into characters and faces. I prefer working with organic stuff and I'm drawn to fabric and surface-anatomy rather than hard surface sculpting. I do however want to finish some banged up looking vehicles for use in my games."