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Blood Moon Shaman - Great Grimoire

Blood Moon Shaman - Great Grimoire 9.49 EUR

Echelle 32mm 


Socle fourni.


Description de l'artiste : 

Blood Moon rises once again



The Moonlit village is a place like everywhere else. People live their ordinary lives, grow food, domesticate animals, share their beliefs in a friendly commune. Nothing exceptional or unconventional is happening there. Well, that is until the Blood Moon rises.

No one knows the origins of this uncanny event, for all they know, it was going on for generations. No one can predict the time it will happen again. But once every few years, the signs start revealing themselves. Days get shorter and shorter. Faint reddish mist starts covering the woods around the village bit by bit. Leaves on plants are turning deep scarlet, crops grow fulvous and non-edible. That’s when everyone knows - the next Blood Moon is just around the corner. The mood in the village gets darker and darker.

The night before the Blood Moon, the visitors appear. Those that shall not be named. Nor creatures, nor humans, those birdlike beings are silent and inevitable, they come to look for prey and never leave without it. The morning comes with loud screams thundering the village: those are mothers and wives discovering the loss of their children, husbands, and other family members.

“Why stay at the Moonlight village?”, you might ask. The price they pay is high but other than the Blood Moon bane, they have nothing to complain about. The soil is fertile, the weather is calm, the life is peaceful. And you could always hope that this time it’s not your child who is going to disappear forever.



Design par Great Grimoire