Figurines imprimées en 3dMade in France

Professor - Great Grimoire

Professor - Great Grimoire 8.99 EUR



37mm de haut environ.


Description de l'artiste : 

Behind the clock face



What happens when a man lose someone close? Empty eyes move over the city roofs that suddenly lost all the colors. Locked away in an old clock tower, severed all the ties with the people of Brassmourrne that once betrayed him, proffesor Sturgess is fading into the obscurity. This void devours him from the inside. Found solace in his work, professor dived into the antique books seeking for answers. He's working for days on end to take a revenge on this city.

Every night he gazes from behind the city clock face at the unsuspecting residents of Brassmourne. When the clock strikes twelve he prays this would be the last strike they heard. They must get what they deserve...


Design par Great Grimoire