Figurines imprimées en 3dMade in France

Baba Yaga - Great Grimoire

Baba Yaga - Great Grimoire 8.49 EUR

Echelle 28mm

Socle scénique 25mm fourni


Description de l'artiste : 

Somewhere deep into the birch forests where winters are bitterly cold and nights are pitch-black dark, there lies a secret place. If you are ever brave or foolish enough to go wandering through these paths, there is a good chance you might come across a weird house. It looks like a wooden hut, but it’s like no other that you have ever seen, for it stands on giant chicken legs. It has a life of its own and walks around the woods like some kind of monstrous bird. This hut is the home of Baba Yaga. And don't you dare to knock at the door of this hut, no matter how much you have lost your way through the forest – for Baba Yaga is a witch.

Baba Yaga knows many things, and occasionally people come to her hut seeking wisdom. If they offer a good trade sometimes Baba Yaga helps them. However, visitors should be careful - most of those who come into her hut never leave. People believe that many children ended up trapped there forever.

Up to the present an old bedtime story still scares the hell out of the villagers - "Suddenly horrible noise came from the forest: the trees rattled, the dry leaves crunched. It was Baba Yaga who emerged out of the forest in her giant mortar, wielding her pestle and covering her tracks with a broom, with her knees almost touching her chin. When you hear her screeching laughter you better run for your life stranger as she's coming for you!"


Design par Great Grimoire