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Amber - Great Grimoire

Amber - Great Grimoire 8.99 EUR

Hauteur totale : 38mm environ.

Socle fourni.

Description de l'artiste : 




"People tend to be afraid of the witches. I get that. The stereotypes are very dominant in the society. Those images of scary old women who eat frogs and curse children. I’m not saying there’s nobody like that in the coven but come on! Don’t judge everyone on the basis of one crazy old hag’s doings! To be honest, I prefer the term “wiccan”. It reflects more accurately what our purpose and intentions are. 

The thing is – nature has it all. People don’t often get it, they take everything for granted, they don’t appreciate the abundance of resources the Earth has to offer. And I’m not just talking about agriculture and gardening. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong about cultivating your land, but why do you always resort to the most basic means and not even trying to unlock its full potential? There’s so many plants, flowers, oils and herbs you don’t even know the names of. If somebody says them out loud, you might think they’re trying to put a spell on you. And what about animals? Why do you separate them into domestic and wild types? Why do you need to hunt the last ones? Have you tried at least once to just to talk to them, to understand their perspective instead of just killing them on sight? 

You won’t believe the stories a simple beaver can tell you! I embrace the power of nature, I’m drawing energy from the Earth and the Universe, but I never abuse it. There should be balance in everything. I usually rely on natural objects like stones and gems to commune with the Land, I respect every living being and take care of the forest that became my home. I often speak to the Moon as well, she guides me and warns me of possible danger like sudden changes in weather. If you can read lunar cycles, you’ll never be caught off-guard. Don’t underestimate ancient celestial knowledge; people had used it to survive centuries before they built those stone boxes to fence themselves off the real world.

If you’re not afraid of the dated stereotypes and want to know more about how to use your Mother Earth’s full potential, come join me for a cup of nice root tea and pumpkin pancakes.

With Love,

Amber, the Earth Witch."


Design par Great Grimoire