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Cassandra - Great Grimoire

Cassandra - Great Grimoire 8.49 EUR

Hauteur totale : 38mm environ.

Socle plastique fourni.

Description de l'artiste : 


Cassandra, the Eyeless Watcher

There is nothing more fickle than a human heart. Our needs and desires are the true ruler of our actions, but nothing has more power over us than fear. Fear can drive people petty and jealous, but fear can also make them abandon their principles and beg for help. 

Once upon a time a beautiful girl lived in a small village at the edge of a lake. There was nothing wrong with the villagers, they were simple farmers and traders, hardworking and kind at heart. But suddenly fear enthralled their minds. “Why is she so beautiful? No one is that good-looking without a dark side to them! She must be a witch, she will cast a glamour over the whole village!” – they thought. So they exiled her despite her doing nothing wrong. Happy and confident in their righteousness, they went on with their lives just as if nothing had happened. A whole year had passed before they regretted their decision. 

The terrible plague arrived in the village. First, all the cattle perished, then the dogs, then it permeated among the children. The villagers were terrified. The disease found its way into every single home, spreading panic and chaos. The medications didn’t help, nor did the prayers. Cornered and frightened, with no one else to turn to, a sudden thought came to their minds: “That witch! She’s the one who can help us! Let’s bring her presents and ask for help!”. But all their efforts proved futile, as the witch was nowhere to be found. Hopeless, they returned to the village ready to bury their loved ones and meet their own death. But fate had something different in store for them. 

That same day a cloaked figure approached their village. A girl with a bandage over her eyes, seemingly blind, one hand down and the other carrying an incense burner, she headed straight to the main square where the last of the villagers had gathered. “Many would say you deserved your faith for letting fear fill your hearts with venom. But I’m not one of them. I can still see good in you and I believe every human being deserves a second chance. Remember this day and teach your future children to treat others based on their actions and not on your momentary affections”. The girl raised her hand, revealing an eye on her palm, an eye starring straight at the crowd, penetrating each and everyone’s soul. Sweet smell from the censer filled the air, charming away the disease. “Remember this day” – she muttered leaving everyone in awe. 

No one ever saw her again, but that same day the plague receded. The tale of the girl who saved the whole village passed from generation to generation, teaching children the lesson of kindness and forgiveness. But most of all, of fear, that was no longer a visitor in these parts.


Design par Great Grimoire