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Diorama Frost Queen - Great Grimoire

Diorama Frost Queen - Great Grimoire 35.99 EUR

Diorama Ă©chelle 32mm sur base de plus de 70mm, L'autel mesure plus de 65mm de haut !

Kit livré en 9 Pièces


Description de l'artiste :


A girl cowers a little bit though not from cold but from the eternal emptiness within her soul. From the day she was born, she never felt bitterly cold winds or scorching heat. That is the price of being the chosen one. The one that was destined to protect her people through dark times has beem doomed to be all alone.

Northern tribes were always true to their gods even in the darkest hours of nomads invasions or attacks of hungry forest beasts. In moments of despair and distress they offered the greatest sacrifice - a child that was born on day of equinox. The gods didn't take her to the Celestial Valley; instead they granted the girl astounding powers. But the great honour turned out to be the heaviest burden. For years she's been draining life out of anyone who dared to approach to her - until one day there were none.

Alone and desolated, the Frost Queen reigns the lands of perpetual ice and cold. Counting days to eternity, she barely moves her lips mumbling the words of ancient prophecy. "The saviour will rise from the ashes of the snows of yesteryear, loomed by the shadow of a northern bird..."


Design par Great Grimoire