Figurines imprimées en 3dMade in France


Leshii version 2 - Great Grimoire

Leshii version 2 - Great Grimoire 11.99 EUR

2 figurines + socle scénique carré en 4 parties fourni



Descroption de l'artiste :

Life can be very difficult and forces ordinary people to make very difficult decisions. Some poor newborns are carried into the depths of the forest, put on a stump and left by a desperate parent that can't afford to feed them. Some are taken from a screaming girl by her parents to cover their shame and leave them in the forest without so much as looking back.
Whatever the reason it's a cruel fate for a defenceless babe. Many believe the unfortunate are carried off by scavenging animals, some believe another older legend intervenes.
Leshii, the powerful forest spirit is said to take the babes, but beyond that their fate is unknown. For some Leshii is a malevolent monster, a tree that walks like a man stalking the forest looking for easy prey. For others it's a benevolent spirit that shepherds the forest and takes the unwanted for a second chance of life.
Some will tell a tale that babes are taken and transformed into the strange creatures that follow Leshii through the forest. Other tales tell us that they are taken deep into the forest and left with the spirits.
Whichever fate awaits, all that is truly known is that by morning there is no trace of the abandoned.


Design par Great Grimoire