Figurines imprimées en 3dMade in France

Behemoth, the Coastal Barbarian - Great Grimoire

Behemoth, the Coastal Barbarian - Great Grimoire 13.99 EUR

Echelle 32mm.

Environ 5cm de haut.

Description de l'artiste : 

Coastal Defence


Argh! Let me fight something real! The talk of shamans is all smoke and mirrors. Gossip of an upcoming storm and all-devouring dread. Those are campfire stories for kids. I won’t be scared by something I can’t even see!

My crew and I, we’ve been scavenging those coasts for years, and now I’m supposed to put the tail between the legs and scurry away like a coward? I say bring them on! I can’t fight wind and waves, but if anything comes out of those waters, I’ll smack them right in their scaly faces.

The fish has learned to walk the earth? Give me a break! I’ll make them gasp and flap on our beaches begging me to throw them back into their puddle. Instead, I’ll throw myself a barbecue!


Design par Great Grimoire