Figurines imprimées en 3dMade in France

Roving Fisherman - Great Grimoire

Roving Fisherman - Great Grimoire 39.99 EUR

Echelle 32mm.

L'envergure du crabe est d'environ 7cm !

Description de l'artiste : 

Fish out of Water



I was never a stick to one place kind of guy. The road has always excited me. I used to move from place to another without any regret. Ocean has been generous to me - at the end of the day my fish basket was never empty. 

Things changed when I once came to this coastal village. At first sight it was quite a forgettable place, I never thought I would stay there long. The head of the village told me that the waters by their coast that used to flourish have suddenly become desolate and that the village will soon face starvation and then extinction. 

He promised that the trouble would soon be prayed away as their shamans were already performing the necessary rituals. In the meantime I was asked to hunt, fish and bring them food to buy some time… Once their prayers were heard, the waters would be swarming with rare and exotic fish I could have only dreamt of catching. 

I took pity on the poor fellows and promised I would stay and help them. If only I knew what their prayers would lead to…



Design par Great Grimoire