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Deep Sea Shaman - Great Grimoire

Deep Sea Shaman - Great Grimoire 9.99 EUR

Echelle 32mm.


Description de l'artiste : 

At the Eye of the Ocean


Our prayers have finally been heard. All my life, I have been longing for a greater purpose. I knew I was not meant for mundane chores my family was bound to. Fishing, hunting, leather work, houseware… I felt depressed at the mere thought that my life would be dedicated to domestic cares. I would rather throw myself off the cliff right into the ocean.

I spent days sitting on the beach looking into the waters. Pondering, searching for the purpose. That’s when I heard the calling. I was invited by the higher powers to look at the eye of the ocean.

I can’t really explain or even comprehend what happened next. My mind shifted to the centre of the universe where time and space were nonexistent, where life and death were both none and absolute. And finally… my purpose was revealed to me…



Design par Great Grimoire