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The Mushroom Nymph - Great Grimoire

The Mushroom Nymph - Great Grimoire 8.99 EUR

Echelle 32mm 


Socle fourni.


Description de l'artiste : 

Within the Mushroom Grove

Here, in nature's abode, wildlife takes various forms. The Evergreen Forest is a symbiotic organism that unites all sorts of organic life. All creatures benefit from being a part of the ecosystem, some, however, fade completely into flora around them.

The Mushroom Nymph’s grove is one of the most outlandish landscapes you could ever see. Festival of fluorescent lights, a parade of venomous colors, endless hills and clusters of the most peculiar representatives of the fungus kingdom. Only the sharpest of eyes could tell the Queen of the grove apart from her hat-shaped fellows.

Rare visitors of the mushroom grove tell dizzying tales of gigantic mushrooms coming to life, toadstools having multiple eyes, morels emanating clouds of bright pink spores, and giant puffballs vibrating. I know what you are thinking, they ate some hallucinogenic mushroom and imagined the whole thing. But believe me, in the Evergreen Forest, everything is possible.


Design par Great Grimoire