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Buste Sacrifice Girl's - Great Grimoire

Buste Sacrifice Girl's - Great Grimoire 39.99 EUR

Buste d'environ 6cm de haut, socle 5cm.


Description de l'artiste : 

The Way of the Blindfolded


The sacred path is being paved before us by the will of the Gods. What we must do is to pursue an unswerving course. Our resolve is unflinching, our faith is all-embracing. The Gods have shown us the way of the righteous and set us out on a mission of cleansing.

The way of the wicked must perish, sinners must stand before the judgment. The world used to believe that the stars shine in the sky to guide them. In truth, you do not need eyes to follow the righteous path. Those who are blessed, have their hearts filled with the grace of the Gods and descry the impurity without eyesight.

The path of the wicked leads to eternal destruction. We shall not abandon those who have strayed off the virtuous course. We shall pray that their souls and bodies are purified in the sacred flame. Their screams and pleas for mercy are signs of the impending purge.


Design par Great Grimoire