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The Wood Spirit - Great Grimoire

The Wood Spirit - Great Grimoire 12.99 EUR

Echelle 32mm 


Socle fourni.


Description de l'artiste : 

At the heart of the Forest


What is the origin of the Evergreen Forest? What lies at its heart? Magic this powerful cannot exist without a source. There are no certain answers to any of those questions, which leads to wild speculations. Some say an ancient artifact from another world lies at the center of the forest. The others insist that the power comes from soil that once had been blessed by a traveling shaman. The most horrifying version comes from rumors about an old giant tree that doesn’t cast a shadow.

The tree is impossible to locate willingly. Presumably, only those who are hopelessly lost under the tree crowns, will eventually find themselves approaching the place of primeval nature, Wood Spirit’s home. The visitors will be welcomed by eery sounds of whistling, laughing, singing, or weeping resounding among the trees.

The Forest Guardian is an impressive sight, mildly speaking. Tall as a mountain, it is relentless to those who are threatening the peace of the land. That tree does not indeed cast a shadow, although several shadowy silhouettes can be spotted on its thick bark. They resemble human faces awry with pain and fear. The tales say The Wood Spirit can swallow a man whole...


Design par Great Grimoire