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Ballerina - Great Grimoire

Ballerina - Great Grimoire 8.49 EUR

Echelle 32mm 


Socle fourni.


Description de l'artiste : 


Fixed Fate


My sweet girl! I wish fate was kinder to you! Ever since you were a kid, you had such talent in everything you did. I remember vividly the first time I saw you dancing. It struck me like a bright flash among the grey sky. Your moves were so natural and exquisite; I could swear you were destined to become a prima ballerina!

Not a minute goes by without me cursing the day when I let you down. I was so sure that you were safe at the mansion, I didn’t take you with me to the city. You were begging me, you wanted to go to the Grand Theater to watch the ballet. I simply thought I would be too busy and didn’t want to shape my diplomatic visit around a child’s wants and wishes. I regretted my decision instantly.

Their attack was quick and merciless. Almost all the men were accompanying me throughout my journey. Only a few maids and the butler were left at the house. Everyone was slaughtered within a couple of minutes. I found my daughter in the dancing hall, lying on the ground. She was badly hurt, her arm and her leg were mutilated. Her dream of becoming the prime ballerina died there. She, however, did not.

I called for the best doctors hoping to save her limbs. But they were powerless. "She is lucky to be alive" - they said. "Being able to walk, more so to dance is too much to ask". But there was no way I would stop at that! I searched everywhere until I heard a rumor that there was one person who could be able to help. Herr Drosselmeyer was his name, a man of shady reputation and dubious methods. He promised he would fix my girl; he promised she would be able to dance once again. And in return, all he asked for was an old Nutcracker doll I brought to my house years ago.


Design par Great Grimoire