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Sand Mercenaries (Amira) - Great Grimoire

Sand Mercenaries (Amira) - Great Grimoire 7.99 EUR

Echelle 32mm 


Socle fourni.


Description de l'artiste : 

Don’t bury your head in the sand


Don’t come to the desert without water. That’s what they say. Nonsense. Let’s say you have a week’s supply of water. And then you suddenly step into the knot of vipers. What will you do? Fight them with a watering can?

Don’t bring water. Bring money. Coins offer countless opportunities. And we are among the very best. We can’t guarantee you a safe journey. Nobody can. But we can promise that without our assistance you will most certainly perish within a couple of hours.

Money first though. Don’t try to trick us with words of infinite treasures hidden under the ancient ruins. We’ve heard it all before. You don’t have money now but when you find that super rare diamond and get rich, you’ll pay us with benefits. And then you go to the ruins and never come back.

We’re quick and we’re effective. We’re smart and we know this land. Don’t be a weasel and don’t try to double-cross us. In this case, everyone will be happy with the deal. We’ll get our share and you won’t die in pain. Probably.



Design par Great Grimoire