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Death Companion - Great Grimoire

Death Companion - Great Grimoire 8.49 EUR

Echelle 32mm 


Socle fourni.


Description de l'artiste : 

Beak of death



I am where death brings me. Plagues, famine, wars, cataclysms, executions… every town has its own taste for mass murders. Death is not covered in tragedy, death provides me with infinite opportunities for research.

Call me insensible, I will not argue. I’ve seen so many deaths in my life, I would go mad if I were to mourn every single one of them. Towns devastated by plagues, scorched villages, mass graves, rows of tiny coffins… They used to give me nightmares but not anymore.

Death is the only constant, inevitable outcome of our existence. Why bother being afraid, panicking, and losing sleep over it? When the day comes, death will welcome me, but until then, I will not be its slave.

They call me the harbinger of death. I cannot blame them. But I don’t bring death, it brings me.



Design par Great Grimoire