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Crow Whisperer - Great Grimoire

Crow Whisperer - Great Grimoire 8.49 EUR

Echelle 32mm 


Socle fourni.


Description de l'artiste : 


The truth is not welcome here

I have no name. My home is woods. My family is crows and critters. The forest envelops me when it’s cold. The land feeds me generously. My home is here, and it is warm and cozy. It hasn’t always been the case, though.

I grew up in a human settlement not far from these woods. Our village was cursed by the Blood Moon. Every few years the disaster was setting foot on our lands, always taking a few of us with it.

I was always wondering what was the nature of this curse, why it was happening at a certain time, why people were taken and not killed. Who are those creatures kidnapping our kind? I was asking questions, but nobody would give me any answers. As if our villagers would rather get through those events and never speak of them again.

So when I realized I would never find any of those answers at home, the only way was to go deep into the woods and search for the truth there. Much to my astonishment, the truth was always hiding in plain sight! The creatures were worshiping the so-called Ancient God and believed they were saving the world by feeding villagers to him. I’ve never met Gods, so I’m not an expert, but believe me, that abominable monstrosity was no God. Lazy, dormant for several years in a row, it was nowhere close to exhibiting celestial holiness. Having three rapacious heads and a gigantic belly, the beast was waking up starving and raging.

I am still not sure, though, if it was the monster who tricked the birdlike clan into worshipping it or it was all a part of the plan conceived by the elder birdlike shamans into structuring their clan’s society the way they saw fit. One way or another, two tribes were obviously tricked into the endless rivalry! I was going to return to my village and tell everyone the truth! Together, we would finally end this vicious circle!

To my great surprise, the villagers didn’t even let me into the village. Into my hometown! “You are a traitor! You left your home and consorted with an enemy! You shall never set foot on our land ever again. Begone, fiend of darkness and never return!” - those were the last words I heard from my mother.

So now I have no name. My home is woods. My family is crows and critters. But I am the only one who knows the truth about the Blood Moon tragedy. And it is still my duty to stop the massacre, even if my home will never be mine anymore.



Design par Great Grimoire