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The Harvester - Great Grimoire

The Harvester - Great Grimoire 7.49 EUR

Echelle 32mm 


Socle fourni.


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Story of a Fox who wanted to swallow the Sun


The Harvest

We don’t choose the targets, the anointed ones are already blessed with the symbol of the Old God. We don’t need eyes to search for them, we are led through the darkness by the one true sight. They won’t hear us approach, as our steps are concealed within the whisper of the wind. They won’t see us closing in, as our figures are hidden beneath the veil of our faith. They won’t be able to scream, as the air will go out for a few brief seconds. But that will be enough for us to put the harvest in our bags.

The ritual demands all the beloved ones to be delivered safely by the Sacred tree where the Awakening will take place. We, however, are not allowed to attend the ceremony, only a few senior shamans are let within the presence of the Old God.

Regardless, our duty is of utmost importance, our service is sacred. We will continue to perform our mission, and maybe one day we will be blessed to witness the One True God.



Design par Great Grimoire