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Crimson Archer - Great Grimoire

Crimson Archer - Great Grimoire 8.49 EUR

Echelle 32mm 


Socle fourni.


Description de l'artiste : 




The time has finally come. When the Red Moon rises, the Old God awakes. We feel the ending of His slumber through every bit of the woods: the tree crowns are trembling, the leaves are whispering, the grass is reaching out for the moonlit sky. The forest is thoroughly alive - every part of it is anticipating His arrival. The forest is responding to His calling, welcoming Him. On the night of the Red Moon, the Old God is reborn.

We are forever the beholder of His apparition, and we have our duty to fulfill. He who exists from the beginning of the universe is reborn as an embryo of His true quintessence. He is starving, He is craving. If we don't still His hunger, He will devour the Sun in a blaze of frenzy. The anointed ones have already been revealed to us. The night before the Red Moon, we will come to gather the harvest.



Design par Great Grimoire