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Vamp Girl (mini diorama) - Great Grimoire

Vamp Girl (mini diorama) - Great Grimoire 12.99 EUR

Echelle 32mm 


Socle fourni.


Description de l'artiste : 

Victims don't wear masks


Blood... Those who have never tasted blood on their mouth will never understand its true power. Do you think love is the heart of life? Blood is life itself pulsing. It’s constantly screaming, calling. I can hear it flowing through your veins... warm, thick, fragrant. Just one bite, just one drop of this red mellow essence, and rapture will fill my body and mind.

The thirst is inevitable, inescapable. You can run away from enemies, from taxes, even from a broken heart. But you can’t escape the inner longing that obnubilates your mind, the visceral hunger that bends your instincts.

Your heart is still, but it feels like beating faster and faster. You, who have lived for so long, who have seen empires rise and fall, who have witnessed the sharpest of minds on Earth... you can not control yourself. You don’t care who you care and what you stand for. You just need to feel that sense of liquid life once again. So you start looking for yet another victim...



Design par Great Grimoire