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The Tribe of Centaurs (Krataros) - Great Grimoire

The Tribe of Centaurs (Krataros) - Great Grimoire 13.99 EUR

Echelle 32mm 


Socle fourni.


Description de l'artiste : 

Beyond the Evergreen Forest


Somewhere in the hidden corner of the Earth lies the Evergreen Forest. Place of mystical rituals and magical creatures, it is concealed beyond the shimmering veil of rainbows that repels any rays that would otherwise reach it. They say you will not be able to enter the forest if you are not welcomed within its borders. However, if your intentions are pure and you are in need of a new home or shelter, the Evergreen Forest will offer you a safe passage through its lands.

The Evergreen Forest is inhabited by all types of creatures. There is a legend that the Forest grants its inhabitants various magical abilities and properties. The given effects allegedly reflect the creature’s soul and represent their insatiable needs.

The Evergreen Forest is kind and generous, but in the event of sudden danger, it will not remain helpless and unprotected. Among the creatures inhabiting the promised land, the tribe of Centaurs is its dedicated guardians. Usually peaceful and friendly, they will become savage and ferocious warriors in case of intrusion.


Design par Great Grimoire