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Cabin in the woods - Great Grimoire

Cabin in the woods - Great Grimoire 48.99 EUR

Echelle 32mm 


Description de l'artiste : 


Welcome to the Wild Rose Hotel!


If you’re staying at the Wild Rose Hotel, you’ll need to take a specific route to get there. You’ll certainly enjoy the scenery along the road: the emerald-green forest, the winding path, the babble of birds... The territory of the hotel itself is screened by high metal fencing, leaving only two possible ways in: the grand entrance for the visitors and the staff entrance used by the delivery man and the employees of the hotel. While entering the gates, there is one thing you most certainly won’t miss - a shabby log cabin at the edge of the woods. It belongs to the local woodsman, guardian of the Wild Rose Hotel. 

He is always there, constantly watching the guests and keeping order. He would prevent anyone unwelcome to enter the hotel and, rumor has it, he would also interfere with certain guests leaving. The utmost peculiar thing is that many people have seen him outside of the cabin - he is often maintaining the garden and bringing firewood to the main building - but no one has ever seen him entering or leaving the cabin. Some say, when he is at the hotel, the cabin disappears. The others say it is at two places at once - it was spotted at both main and staff entrances! 

The bravest (or the maddest) dare to insist that they saw the cabin moving rapidly through the woods as if it was chasing after someone. The mystery indeed surrounds the Wild Rose Hotel, but moving cabins? Nonsense. The next thing you know is walls having faces and traveling trunk biting off people’s arms. But that is impossible, right? Right?

Socle fourni.


Design par Great Grimoire