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Undead lackeys - Great Grimoire

Undead lackeys - Great Grimoire 15.99 EUR

Echelle 32mm 


Socle non fourni.



Description de l'artiste : 

John of the Dead


“Grrrh...It’s finally that hour of the day. The sssun is sssetting, the guesssts are going to bed. Mrmm... Juicccy, deliciousss humansss.... The Mistresss doesn’t allow John to visit hotel roomsss in the daytime, the guesssts aren’t sssupposed to sssee usss. The Missstress is sssometimes ssso harshhh with John, but ssshe takesss care of John, ssso John is grateful. Ssso John mussst obey. But when the night fallsss, we come out of the shadowsss. We are our Misteresss’ valets. Alwayssss have been, alwaysss will. Graagh... The luggaggge is already downstairsss, waiting for usss.  Handing around the luggaggge is the bessst thing - if John is careful, he can peek into bedroomsss. The guesssts are resssting there, innocccent, motionlesss...helplesss, tasssty, yummy. No! John mussstn’t eat the guesssts of the Hotel. If John isss good, the Misteresss will feed John. The meal is sssometimes ssstill twitching, but John likesss that. There’s nothing more appetizzzing than food that triesss to essscape. Graaaagh!”.



Design par Great Grimoire