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The Duchess - Great Grimoire

The Duchess - Great Grimoire 7.99 EUR

Echelle 32mm 


Description de l'artiste : 

The Duchess


It all was coming back to her now. Her father stepped out of the door and never came back. Her mother takes off with her new admirer leaving her at the doorstep of her aunt’s house. Her aunt died overnight of an inexplicable disease. Her first fiancĂ© seemed so gentle and reliable. He slipped away right in the middle of their honeymoon, bringing along her dowry chest. Those events could break anyone, but the Duchess was the opposite of weak-willed. She believed she deserved happiness and set her heart on achieving it in any way and by any means. She decided her second husband should be from a well-to-do family to avoid any chance of marriage of convenience. 

The wedding was fancy beyond belief, but the groom ran away with the housemaid two weeks later. Determined not to be alone, the Duchess came to the orphanage to adopt a little girl who would surely love her without the least hidden motive and will make her life full. Little Stella died of pneumonia when she was two. Almost in despair, one step from insanity, the Duchess was convinced the сurse was cast upon her.

 She lived a long lonesome life but no more! In the center of the grand hall at the very heart of her ginormous luxurious mansion, she cried out: “My home is always empty, my soul is forever desolate. You, who cursed me, will pay the devil! You’ll be drawn like a moth to a flame, and you will stay here trapped for all eternity. No one will dare to leave me from now on!”.


Design par Great Grimoire