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Baron - Great Grimoire

Baron - Great Grimoire 8.49 EUR

Echelle 32mm 



Description de l'artiste : 


Who is the Baron? Is that a name? A title? He doesn’t own any lands though, only a traveling caravan. He never mentioned why he wanted to be called this way - it was just taken as a given. You might think a dancing enchantress or an all foreseeing fortune-teller is mysterious, but that is because you’ve never met the Baron. In fact, not many people have. And believe me, that worked in their favor. Even those who are part of the Caravan, the permanent traveling group, have seen him once or twice over the years. He barely leaves his wagon, never eats nor walks in public, the only person he invites in regularly is Dale, the pathfinder. They’re sitting in his wagon for hours, and an occasional bypasser may notice that they are often involved in a tense conversation. 

They’re probably discussing the best way for the Caravan to reach the next destination. There’s a rumor that some horrible otherworldly creature is following them, that’s why the Caravan never stops anywhere for more than a day. That’s why the Baron, as the leader of the group, and Dale, his trusted ranger, do over and above what is expected to shake off the creature or at least to buy some time for their people to take a breath. The Baron is as elusive as the monster itself. 

Some say it’s his fault the creature is following them, that’s why he’s ashamed to appear in front of the traveling family. Some say he is covering up for someone else and doesn’t want to be asked any extra questions. Or who knows, maybe his skin is too sensitive, and he’s just trying to avoid the sun. Anyway, till this day, no one has ever seen the monster, but sometimes, mostly at dawn, an early bird could feel the unnaturally hot gush of wind breathing down their neck.


Design par Great Grimoire