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Dale - Great Grimoire

Dale - Great Grimoire 8.49 EUR

Echelle 32mm 


Parfait pour accompagner la roulotte (Vardo) disponible sur le site (non fourni avec ce modèle)


Description de l'artiste : 


No Country for old men


With the camp finally set, Dale was resting motionlessly right on the hilltop, looking over the area. It was a good spot for the camp: the hill was protecting them from the wind while being itself a nice space for the lookout. During his leisure time in camp, Dale looked like an ordinary middle-aged man. He was wandering around slowly and aimlessly, usually leaning on his cane, which at once added a couple more decades to his real age. Sitting by his wagon, smoking all by himself, it felt like he had no interest in the social life of the caravan. The only interactions he ever had were with his lifelong traveling companion - a faithful falcon named Feather. Judging by his behavior some could even wonder why he was a part of the caravan at all. 

Don’t let his appearance trick you though, ask anyone from the caravan and you’ll be told that Dale is one of the most important members of the traveling family. No transfer could be done without him, he was the one that made everyone feel safe on the road. No one knows how, but he always knew the right way to get to the destination point, he could always predict the weather change and find the best place to set up the camp. Some would say he was one with nature herself. When there was no obvious itinerary to follow, he would disappear for a few days only to come back with a clear pathway in his mind. 

The caravan would sometimes have to move through the most obscure passages, whether that would be the depths of the forest, the treacherous path through the swamps, or the narrow track along the mountain wall but never got lost and were always led to their destination in the end. Those were the moments Dale’s true nature manifested itself. He straightened himself up, now nimble and lightsome, vigilant and focused, he looked like a whole different person. The cane was no longer a point of support but a pathfinding tool. The falcon not only was a true friend and companion but a perfect scout and guide in the wilderness. In the role of the ranger, Dale was no longer a tired lonely man but a jungle cat on the hunt. The caravan kids considered him the coolest guy of them all - broody and mysterious survivor who doesn’t care about hollow vanities. They even tried to copy his behavior, sometimes leaving to wander through the woods at night, giving their parents a terrible headache.

It was wrong to believe, however, that Dale didn’t care about anything. As much as anyone, he cared about a hearty meal after a long journey and a warm bed after a tiresome day on the road. But most of all, he cared about his caravan family and how to make their trip pleasant and safe.


Design par Great Grimoire