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Captain Red Fox 75mm - Great Grimoire

Captain Red Fox 75mm - Great Grimoire 34.99 EUR

Echelle 75mm


Description de l'artiste : 

Captain Red Fox.
The tavern was packed. Sailors were undoubtedly the primary clientele here. After a long sail it was a perfect place for them to put their troubles behind and get lost in drinking, dancing and idle talking.
“Bill, is that you?” – a shaggy lanky chap at the bar counter started waving enthusiastically at the person who has just entered the tavern.
“Bromley? Bromley Mabbot? Long time no see!” – the other man, soaked to the bone, rapidly approached the bar, giving his pal a strong friendly hug.
Brombley: “You’re wet to the skin! Have you just docked? Come sit, drinks are on me”.
Bill: “Ran into the perfect storm, close call it was, thought I was a dead man for sure. But the old man pulled through somehow. That crazy bastard! Never leaves his cabin, drinks all day, but when the storm comes, he’s the man you want to have on your ship. Are you still under Captain Crain’s command?”.
Brombley: “Nah, I had enough of that bonehead! So full of himself, who does he think he is? No biggie though, I think I finally hit the jackpot. Leaving tomorrow night on the Black Lighting. Guess what, they gonna pay me more than I got after a whole year’s sailing under that prick’s command”.
“The Black Lightning?” – Bill's eyes opened wide – “Is that Red Fox’s ship? Man, have you completely lost your mind? Sailors that leave with her, rarely return. And those who have, wish the sea had taken them. She’s more ferocious than the ocean itself. Have you heard what she did to her old man? He never wanted her, they said, never wanted any children, in fact. His only calling, only passion was the ocean. They called him the Kraken Slayer, and you don’t get that kind of name for being a pushover. So what do you know, he took her on board and taught her everything he knew about sailing. Bold, stubborn and cunning - there was no doubt she was his daughter. And how did she repay him? By throwing him overboard in the night of the storm, when no one was looking. And the very next day - by taking command of his beloved ship. They say she's the captain of cutthroats, infamous gang of pirates!".
“Give me a break! Those are drunkard’s tales” – Bromley lashed out – “Some men aren’t just confident enough to sail under a woman’s command! But me, I don’t mind sharing adventures with a beautiful redhead as ardent as any man I know. I will come back with a fortune and you will be the first to say you were wrong!”.
He jumped to his feet and raced away from the tavern, slamming the door behind him.
“That fool. May the storm have mercy on his poor soul” – Bill muttered, absently shaking his head.


Design par Great Grimoire