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Siblings - Great Grimoire

 Siblings - Great Grimoire 13.99 EUR

Kit de 4 éléments

Echelle 32mm 

Description de l'artiste : 

One last treasure hunt

“He’s the only one I can count on, I realize that now. We sure had our differences over the years, him being stubborn and greedy as hell. And who does he think he is telling me my aim is off after a few drinks? I’m a better shot than Cupid and doubly so better than him. And after a couple bottles of booze, I’m still standing on my own two legs, while he’s snoring like a pig under the table. 

Anyway, together we went through more trials than I can remember: storms, shipwrecks, betrail by our own crew, that one time we got stuck on a desert island for more than a month, bar fights, sword fights, gunfights, that one time he saved me from a shark, that one time I saved him from an alligator... the way he was screaming... hahaha, that was fun. What else? Oh yeah, treasure hunting, running away from the law... and how could I forget that old lady he seduced so that we could relieve her from her heirlooms. My brother can be charming when he needs to. 

So, we’ve been through a lot, just name it. That’s why I was flabbergasted when he told me this is gonna be our last adventure together. Having brought me this map he had bought from a traveling merchant, hot-eyed and agitated, he rattled off the legend of the lost Inca gold. “We’re gonna be rich! We'll never have to sail under another lunatic again! I’ll be able to settle down, get married and have kids! Just this one last treasure hunt and we’ll be free!” 

That fool, we’ll never be free. Once a pirate - always a pirate. All those people we tricked, all those sailors whose wives were left widows after we decided we liked their ship better than ours... you don’t actually believe they’re gonna forgive and forget? No, little brother, we’re pirates and fugitives till the end of our days. I won’t let you die in your bed, asleep and clueless. The only way for us to die is in a fight, inches away from yet another unobtainable lost treasure, sword in one hand, pistol in another, fighting against a swarm of pursuers. That’s our destiny. You’ll be mad at me at first after you realize I switched maps and lured you into a trap. But one day you’ll understand... Oh, I can hear the steps, they must be close. To arms, little brother!

Design par Great Grimoire