Figurines imprimées en 3dMade in France

Mini-Diorama Milady - Great Grimoire

Mini-Diorama Milady - Great Grimoire 19.99 EUR

Diorama en 3 parties.

Milady mesure 38mm au total.


Description de l'artiste :



He was standing in front of the golden gates of the mansion. Not just another mansion, The Mansion. The most sumptuous building  in the city, a sparkling diamond in the middle of the grey landscape. Home of Milady herself. It was everybody's dream to be invited here. Rumours said that every month she was throwing a luxurious party for the wealthiest and most powerful people in town. Some would even say there were not just simple feasts, that something mysterious was going on there. 

And now he, a simple mailman, was here, in this place of magnificence and glamour. Trembling, he approached the two guards and showed them the letter. Instantly, the doors opened before him as he was frozen in awe at the sight of the Grand Hall. Pink marble, golden chandelier, turquoise-colored drapes, vases, paintings on the walls, beautiful sculptures... he was dazzled by the sheer abundance of the interior. His trance was interrupted by the sweet yet deep voice: "Don't be afraid, come inside, my dear". That's when he saw her: in the middle of the Hall, sit atop what looked almost like a throne, with two panthers as guardians at her side, Milady herself was inviting him in. 

"I heard you were a good man and a hard worker. It's sad to see people like you don't get credit they deserve. That's about to change now. Take this envelope and bring it to the clock tower tonight. The Professor will know what to do. Don't open it and don't tell anyone about it - and you will be rewarded generously. Disobey - and you will regret it deeply. You can go now, be a good boy".

The doors shut all at once and he found himself in an abandoned alley. The tower clock chimed midnight. He knew what he had to do.


Design par Great Grimoire