Figurines imprimées en 3dMade in France

Roar the Death-Seeker - Great Grimoire

Roar the Death-Seeker - Great Grimoire 13.99 EUR

Figurine et son socle carré environ 50mm fourni


Description de l'artiste :


Roar the Death-Seeker


They say Roar the Death-Seeker prowls the Frozen Grove again, thirsting for revenge. Riding a ruthless wild bear, he ransacks villages, burns them to the ground making people flee in terror.

But only few know that the deepest pain dwells within his relentless heart. Many winters ago Roar's little girl were chosen by the Elders to protect the land. They separated the brave man with his daughter, driving him completely insane. Roar valiantly came to her defense. The best warriors could hardly deal with the father in rage. However, even heroes fail sometimes. Beaten up to half-death, securely tied up he was left to die in the woods. But thirst for vengeance appeared to be stronger than death...

For years Roar roam the forests trying to find his child - but all in vain. Sometimes he can swear he feels her through the blistering cold, sees her walking shadow in a blizzard - but then all the sudden he fades out. And every time he recovers in the middle of a snowy desert just to step on his bloody path again...

Design par Great Grimoire


Exemple de peinture par Galthan Ironsturm