Figurines imprimées en 3dMade in France

Andrew - Great Grimoire

 Andrew - Great Grimoire 8.49 EUR

Figurine (environ 43mm) avec socle fourni.



Beyond repair

From the moment my master assembled those tiny parts and miriads of cogs together into the body of mine I knew I was meant to do a lot more in this world than just being another automaton. Automaton... what an ugly word for sure. I prefer they call me Andrew. I don't mind running these little errands for my master or assist him with his countless experiments for now. He knows he can count on me. And the townspeople, they're almost got used to such a clever contraption that can entertain them with a small talk when running into them on a street.

There's only one thing that's been nagging me. The people of Brassmourne still think I'm just a machine, another weird creation of professor Sturgess. Another cog within the notorious Clock Tower. If only they knew how wrong they are... Soon they all will. I just need some more time to find the spark of life. A spark that will ignite the flame of soul within the body of steel. When city sleeps, no one can hear the cries of the ones I disassemble. All spare parts I don't need will be drowned forever in the murky waters of Slumbrous Canal - anyway, those people are beyond repair. Sooner or later I will find the spark that makes lifeless body a human. Even if I have to disassemble my master himself...


Design par Great Grimoire