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Child of Darkness - Great Grimoire

Child of Darkness - Great Grimoire 10.99 EUR

Hauteur totale : 54mm environ.

Socle fourni.

Description de l'artiste : 


Child of Darkness

The moon was hanging low this night. The full moon, to say exactly. The clearing in the middle of the usually dark and gloomy forest was lit tonight by a large bonfire with sparks dancing in the trees. Even on a regular day you could feel residual energy from eras long last emanating from this remote and solitary place, concealed under the cover of darkness. But tonight it wasn't solitary at all, as the rushing flows of chaotic yet intense energy were almost vibrant in the air. 

And there they were, forming a circle around the bonfire, silhouettes of the dancing females. Some of them bare, some covered with rags, some anointed with oils and ointments, spreading around the smell of beladonna, henbane and foxglove. Witches. It was their night. The night they gathered together to honor their Master. The now red moon lit the entire clearing. The witches' movements were becoming more and more frantic with their shoulders turning and heads bowing down as low as possible. 

Suddenly, the flaring blaze irrupted from the bonfire, blinding everyone around. In the middle the circle a large beast-like creature was standing, with two horns on the back of his neck and the two on the forehead; the face pale with bared teeth and an evil grin, the eyes narrowed, inflamed and hideous. The neck and the rest of the body deformed, with hands of a human being and hooves of a wild goat. 

"Child of Darkness, we welcome thee. Long may he reign!".


Design par Great Grimoire