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Lucy - Great Grimoire

Lucy  - Great Grimoire 15.99 EUR

3 éléments (1 Lucy avec candélabre, 1 Lucy avec hache, et le miroir).

Parfait pour faire Lucy et son reflet "sombre" dans son miroir.



Description de l'artiste :


The Handmaid's tale


She was standing on her knees in the dark room lit only by the candles in her hands. 

"Oh, Lord, what have I done? What should I do? I don't remember a thing. I am a fair and gentle person, I love kids, I love animals, I am grateful to the wonderful family I get to serve. I would never hurt a fly. But where did the blood come from? I can still feel it's smell, the gooey and sticky sensation on my hands. Oh right! I was making a dinner. The blood must have come from pork or beef. Yes, yes... I was cutting meat and got blood stains on my hands, that's it".

The light from candles was getting brighter and brighter. Little sparks started glimmering on the glass surface in front of her. 

"Lean in, child. Don't fill your head with needless and bothersome thoughts. You are a servant of God, you bring peace and quietness to this world. You are the Angel of mercy, follow your path and let the God hold your hand".

"Yes, thank you, Lord. I knew you wouldn't leave me, I knew you would show me the way".

She turned away from the antique mirror. Her face twiched as she heard a baby crying upstairs, and then became absolutely serene, void of emotions. She reached under her bed and grabbed the handle of something heavy and still sticky from blood, her eyes now fixed on the staircase leading upstairs.


Design par Great Grimoire