Figurines imprimées en 3dMade in France

Voyageur - Great Grimoire

Voyageur - Great Grimoire 8.49 EUR

Figurine et socle de 30mm environ fourni

Echelle 32mm


Description de l'artiste :


Cards never lie

The skies tore opened; rain poured for three days straight. The weary traveler slowly makes his way as the dark sets. The wind blows fiercely on him, but the traveler just pulls his coat tighter. The letter didn't lie. He's so close now.

At the foot of the hill there comes a glimmering llight. Finally a tavern. Few more steps - and he can already see the door sign. "The Sunken Horse". What an irony. The traveler pushes the heavy squeaky door open and enters the tavern. When his eyes get used to twilight, his sees an old man sitting alone in the far dark corner. A few late visitors avoid him like he's a leper. The old man seems to be muttering to themselves not paying attention to anyone around. The traveler approaches his table.

"The book, old man... The Great Grimoire"
"Ah! You're seeking out for a great wisdom? Don't you know it will lay the heaviest burden on your shoulders?"
"I came all this way to finally get answers"

All the sudden the cards appear out of thin air and start to circle around in whirlwind above the table. Then by the sleight of the old man's hand they stop and build a deck.

"Say no word and pick a card!.."

Traveler reaches out and lingers for a moment. He wags his head resolutely, pulls a card and slams it on the table.

"Ah! Just as I thought! Cards never lie!"

The old man starts telling his story; the traveller sits by his table. In the flickering light of tallow candles, The Fool is winking at them from the flipped card.


Design par Great Grimoire