Figurines imprimées en 3dMade in France

Cultiste - Great grimoire

Cultiste - Great grimoire 10.99 EUR

Figurine socle (inclus) et ses accessoires.

Kit de 4 éléments.

Description de l'artiste :


Hearken, the Great Old One. Hear us calling to you through the strange aeons of dark morbidities. The one who always existed and always would exist, wake up from your blissful slumber. For you we drink the sacred cup to its filthy dredgs. We gazed into the abyss for so long. Now the time has come.

Rise again from the depths of the blackest seas of infinity and bring your children beneath your sway. Part the waters and show us the true path. Stain the shores with blood of the infidels. Come wake from your deepest dream for the end is nigh.


Design par Great Grimoire