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Occultistes - Great Grimoire

Occultistes - Great Grimoire 14.99 EUR

Lot de 3 occultistes.

Parfait pour le mini diorama du rituel, ou pour vos jeux de rĂ´le.


Socles non fournis.


Description de l'artiste : (commune avec le Rituel de Great Grimoire disponible sur le site)


The grim mass


She woke in a musty, unfamiliar room. Splashes of light scarced around her. Candles. Lots of candles lit in a circle. Slowly coming to her senses, she felt dull pain in her wrists. Chained! Chained to the posts in the middle of the room. What is this place? The last thing she remembered was a man in robes in the middle of a narrow alley. And then darkness. As her eyes got used to the dim light, she realized she was not alone. The same people in robes were standing right beside her. In panic, she tried to spot a door, a window, any way out, but just as a sign of doom, a bandage was quickly put over her eyes. 

"Oh, the Great Old One, hear our call, satisfy your hunger with this young blood as a symbol of our obedience. We have no names and no faces, we now live only to serve you".

Poor girl, trapped, with no way to escape, she witnessed one of the robed man approach her with a dagger in his arms. 

" Father! Come save me! " was the last thing she could think of as she felt a sharp piece of metal piercing her flesh.


Design par Great Grimoire