Figurines imprimées en 3dMade in France

Lycoris - Great Grimoire

Lycoris - Great Grimoire 9.99 EUR

Figurine et son socle carré de 45mm fourni.


Description de l'artiste : 


Lady Lycoris


From the moment I've caught this scent I knew it won't end good. It will definitely end bad. God knows I was wrong - it appeared to end even worse.

An overwhelming fear paralyzed me the same exact moment I smelled it. The sweet aroma of guilty pleasure. Lady Lycoris. Amanda. The one who have woven the web of lies and pain over the whole Stokerane Piers. But this time she appeared to be the real spider.

For a brief moment I couldn't move at all. And then I realized with horror this moment lingers on and on turning into one viscous eternity. The yellow eyes were glowing in a dark corner of this God-forsaken alley. The only thing I could do is to cry out but even with this I failed - I was unable to hear my own screams as the diabolical creature was crawling on me.

...that was the moment where I woke up in a cold sweaty panic. Thank God it was just a dream. Again. I need to track down Lady Lycoris before she finds first. Well, back on the cold gloomy streets, back on the trail...



Design par Great Grimoire