Figurines imprimées en 3dMade in France

Detective - Great grimoire

Detective - Great grimoire 8.49 EUR



Echelle 32 mm

Disponible en 2 versions, figurine seule (figurine unique monobloc fournie sans socle) ou mini diorama de 7 éléments avec socle et mur de fond ainsi que les accessoires.


Description de l'artiste :


Vince Chase, PI

It was another one of those dark days - maybe normal for this time of year, but that day the Stokerane Piers felt even darker and more sinister. When you're on scent of a murder like a bloodhound, night and day are just words. The shadows, the muddy waters, the grime - the city itself felt like it's laying low before it stabs you in the back when you don't expect it. Well, at least I did.

It was raining; the kind of rain you'd hope to clean the filth off the streets. Still, the only thing that was going down the drain was my life. Day by day, drop by drop. Down in the murky alley when I first saw them. Human-sized spider cocoons. Even now, when I remember this I feel shivers going down my spine. That was the first time I faced the victims of so-called Stokerane Piers murders - and then I hadn't slightest idea who could be behind that. And frankly, I didn't care. However, it was a job that was well-paid... or at least paid at all so I guess I didn't have much of a choice. If only I could know this case would become my last...


Design par Great Grimoire