Figurines imprimées en 3dMade in France

Ours-garou - Great Grimoire

Ours-garou - Great Grimoire 12.99 EUR

Environ 48mm de haut !

Socle carré d'environ 52mm fourni


Description de l'artiste : 


The urge for blood


Run... Run like wind... Run like hell... Away from people, away from Hans, away from madness that's overtaken him. What has he done? What has he become? Why on Earth he decided to track down that ferocious beast... or is he that beast now? If only he could tear this cursed bearskin apart and finally get out of it.

Run... Run for the hills... Away from home, away from Schwarzwald... It is so distant now but still he can hear it. This call... This urge for blood is immense. Did he really ripped those villagers apart? Is it a taste of fresh blood in his mouth? The memories are so confused... So distorted...

One thing he knows for sure: no one is safe around him. It's time to hide, to lie low. To cool down a bit until the next Harvest Moon. A what place could be better for this than the notorious Frozen Grove?


Design par Great Grimoire