Figurines imprimées en 3dMade in France

Infirmière (nurse) - Great Grimoire

Infirmière (nurse) - Great Grimoire 7.99 EUR

Environ 38mm de haut

Socle plastique 25mm fourni


Description de l'artiste :

The crinkle of their petticoats


Wicked Hills is my home. I live in a beautiful place. I feel safe here. It's very calm and silent. Every new day is coming with warm sunlight shining through my window. And I enjoy breakfasts here as well. I especially love afternoon walks in the alleys of an old gardens. Sometimes I meet my friends there. They are so different and funny. They make Alice happy. I love them much.
But today is no good at all. It brings me back to the old times, dark times when I lived at my place. They came to me there. And now they're searching for me here. This is so scary. Sometimes I succeed to hide. But sometimes I don't... The crinkle of their petticoats drives me insane. At nights I can hear them behind my door. Walking. Crawling. Scratching. Waiting for me... They silently open the doors, one by one, and quietly close the doors behind them... One day I will hide so well they never find me again! bad it's not today...
Jul. 11th
Alice journal


Design par Great Grimoire