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Duff, Cook (cuisinier) - Great Grimoire

Duff, Cook (cuisinier) - Great Grimoire 9.99 EUR

Figurine de cuisinier (environ 44mm) avec sa table

Socle servant de plancher en option : ce socle a des empreintes male (1) et femelles (3) permettant de s'additionner aux autres socles du même genre pour les figurines de cette artiste et de cette collection. (exemple l'infirmière zombie)



Description de l'artiste :

Witches' stew


Dead leaves, crows feet, nasty kids, too.

Stir them in my witches' stew.

I know that our cook Duff is just kidding when humming this song while preparing meals for Wicked Hills staff... or maybe he isn't? This stone-cold stare follows me everywhere... it feels like it's piercing through you, making you feel so cold inside, so afraid. Every night when I go to bed I ask myself: was I nice kid today... or nasty? And when I close my eyes I think I can hear the sounds of a hot, boiling, bubbling cauldron.


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