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Spirits of the Secret Sand Library - Great Grimoire

Spirits of the Secret Sand Library - Great Grimoire 9.99 EUR

Lot de 3 esprits.

Echelle 32mm 

Environ 2cm de long

Socle fourni.


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Don’t judge a book by its cover
The halls and corridors of the Secret Sand Library are filled with secrets. Ancient volumes, hidden from the waking world, possess not only sacred knowledge but also cosmic power. If fallen into the hands of imperious, greedy, or thoughtless individuals, they would threaten the balance of the whole universe.

Impartial and devoid of any human emotions, the keepers of the Secret Sand Library are the only ones capable of watching over this wellspring of energy without the risk of being carried away by temptation.

Such immense power cannot, however, be contained without any echo effects. Spirits that inhabit the Library are the byproduct of that containment. Are they the souls of the books or the fallout created by the constant attempts of the repressed essence of the books to break out?


Design par Great Grimoire

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